Sicilian Breeze Italian ice

About Us

our passion

Upon traveling to Sicily numerous times to my hometown of Santa Teresa di Riva to visit family, I had a delightful experience in tasting Granita (we know it as Italian Ice). My family in Sicily makes Italian Ice and Gelato at their oceanfront cafe & restaurant and they gave me some of their recipes.  I also traveled to other small towns in Sicily and tasted other delicious flavors. That’s where I got my passion for Italian Ice and started to create own flavors. After 30 years of being in the restaurant business, I added Italian Ice to my menu in 2018 and served it in all of the festival and catering events since.

we offer

We offer Sicilian Italian Ice and pride ourselves on creating exciting new flavors that stimulate the palate and transform ordinary moments into delightful experiences that brings you back to the island of Sicily. We travel all over town to your special events, parties, schools, parks, apartment complexes and business centers. Call to arrange for us to serve your next event!  

Made local in Upstate New York, with Love and Passion.